quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014

New things - overdose

O.K.! I was brave when I moved to another country. Why can I say that I was brave? Because EVERYTHING is new: culture, food, language,....

Besides, I can say that I pushed the RESTART button....Here I didn't have a family or friends. I know that I have to study more English, but when I arrived here....I had a rusty English. 

It was hard at first...but I have learned everyday a lesson. Life is difficult, but we can't give up. Every small step is important and is indeed a great achievement.

Sometimes I freak out....specially during my PMS....like yesterday.

Now I am asking HIM to give me patience and cheerfulness every day...that way I can respond to challenges of life and to deal with difficult people.

4 comentários:

  1. Estranho: antes, eu ouvia o termo TPM e sentia calafrios e vontade de pular da ponte... Hoje, sinto falta até das TPMs...
    Abuse do chocolate, conte até dez em vários idiomas e quando perceber, passou...

  2. PMS + chocolate = peace? Sometimes...LOL.

    1. Sleep, watch TV and turn off the world ... And a tight hug, even if virtual: always worked, why fail now?
      (I miss you ... Stay well, right?)

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