quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2015

Challenges ahead

My life is changing.....and It's going to be up side down in a couple of months. 

I can say that I am struggling here...and any obstacle it's too high because I am tired and maybe insecure about the future. 

I don't want to lose time, but (in the moment) I am ot able to have a clean mind to strategically think about my next steps. Some things are happening and I can't just be watching them passing through. I am not a kid anymore and my future totally depends on me. 

I have so many ways to follow...so short-time to do things....and no energy to continue (sometimes).

Some challenges change have appeared in my life and some decisions have to be made.

So, I was looking for some quotes that could help me to through with this....I hope it can help you too.

“It was so risky and so scary, and yet at the same time, so beautiful. Maybe the truth was, it shouldn't be easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It's the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth. When something's difficult to come by, you'll do that much more to make sure it's even harder -if not impossible- to lose.” 
― Sarah DessenAlong for the Ride

“Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome,” 
― E.A. BucchianeriBrushstrokes of a Gadfly

“Those who don't know how to suffer are the worst off. There are times when the only correct thing we can do is to bear out troubles until a better day.” 
― Ming-Dao DengEveryday Tao: Living with Balance and Harmony

“Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!” 
― Jo Franz

“Don’t be victim of circumstances but be victorious.” 
― Lailah Gifty AkitaBeautiful Quotes

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  1. Boa sorte em sua nova etapa na vida...

  2. Se algo te incomoda....a mudança tem que começar por nós mesmos....e a esperança não pode morrer...pois ela é quem alimenta e cura...